Our Story

black summer dress midi


When I was just 3 years old - not even reaching the bathroom sink - I walked up to my mom, looked her from head to toe and said: are you leaving the house like that? Well, I was bold. But also convincing. My mom changed!

The love for fashion was always with me and I always had a pinky toe in it. I modeled (not very successfully though, ahah), I did some styling jobs, I learnt how to sew my own clothes.

From when I can remember, my friends always asked me to help them shop and between my sports, books & numbers, I was most happy doing just that. Of course being with my friends was the top thing - laughs & food anyone? - but also finding just the right piece. I felt I scored when people asked "where did you get that?" and the answer would be a very known high street brand. The hand to find the staple, the flattering piece of clothing.

I am now here to give you just that, in the timeless cuts and high quality fabrics ❤
Proudly made to order in Lisbon. All with sustainability and responsibility in mind. The slow fashion way.