Who am I?

Who am I?


You see me on the pictures, sometimes on video (I need to be less shy on this!), you even read the About Us on the website but, who am I?

My name is really Maria (Maria Ana, to be exact, which I love), I am 38 years-old and the only person on the brand. I have help from two seemstresses - Carmo and Sofia, who make the pieces you love so much ❤️

I am a twin mom to almost six year-olds Maria (how original 😂) and Pedro. I have a few other projects on hand and the brand exists between all of this. This year, I am going to try and be more focused and dedicated as I really want to keep this dream going.

I am keeping my focus on the quality of the materials and manufacturing, as well as on the value chain. Yes, I woud sell much more if my prices were those of the high street but the final price on those stores is what I pay the seemstresses. But that, instead of making me want to give up, gives me great pride. I hope to you too!

On my free time, you can find me doing sports, reading, eating well and dreaming of traveling.

I do hope, this year, I am able to bring you pieces that make you feel beautiful and capable of conquering your dreams.

A kiss,

Maria Ana


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